Hunterz Blog – part 2

Ok we’re back. This time around, January’s behind us and it’s payday. Woo-Hoo. Every one’s back in the game and the sites chock-a- block with new deals and top brands.

Before we get into the deals, I noticed some discount danger the other day. I got an email from the Second Lord of the Treasury – The Chancellor – telling me that he couldn’t sell me shares as they were actually cheaper to buy on the stock market. Turns out that even with his 5% discount and buy 10 get 1 free offer thrown in.

So, the lesson here Hunterz… is to make sure you get the best discounts before you buy and you can do this by checking before you click that checkout button. Boom!

Our top picks this week are…
Pizza Hut = 50% off orders of £30

Who doesn’t love Piii-zzzza? – Teenage turtle’s, Americans, families. Everyone does.

This deal from Pizza Hut means you can get £30 of Pizza Hut grub with the Hunterz voucher and it will only cost you £15.00. Admit it, you’re going to eat the leftovers for breakfast aren’t you.

Remember this deal runs out on valentine’s day. But i’m sure that you wouldn’t get pizza for your significant other on a night like that? Surely not.
IWOOT = Multiple vouchers

Ok. There’s a lot of good vouchers for IWOOT or otherwise known as I WANT ONE OF THOSE on hunterz this time. As it sounds, it’s got loads of good stuff on there which is perfect for our ongoing Valentine’s day theme with our 10% off valentines gifts voucher.

As it sounds this ones time limited to 14 February. Have a look and i’m sure you can make them happy and appear like you’ve put some effort in.

Great gifts for him or her but if you’re quick off the mark you can bag 20% off as a celebration of Chinese New year.

If you don’t know, it’s on Monday 8 February and that’s when the voucher becomes history just like the year of the Sheep. So click the voucher and get your orders in now to save some cash and cruise into the year of the Monkey 20% richer.
Footasylum – 10% off first on-line order

Lots of new fashion brands have joined us recently. One of my personal favourite brands is the trainer heaven Footasylum.

It’s too late for me, as i have already brought too many trainers from Footasylum, and others, already. But if you’re in the market for some crisp box fresh action then this 10% for new customers is the one for you.
Logitech = £5 off a £30 any spend

Ok one last one before we go. I fancy this cute little bluetooth keyboard by Logitech. I’ve got bluetooth in most computery things now so it should be fun to play around with and save me trying to type on a tiny screen. This also supports IOS & Android and has a battery life of two years. You should be, according to Logitech, good for 4million keystrokes before a recharge!

Our voucher gives a nice clean £5 off a £30 any spend with Logitech and drops the snappily titled ‘K380’ d own to 30 quid. Search the site for the deal and whilst you’re there check out the rest of our new retailers joining the hunt.
That’s it for now.

Happy hunting hunterz


February 7, 2016